How to register for online only Auction

1. Go to our web site at

2. Click on upcoming auctions.

3. Click on online only auctions.(takes you to HiBid)      

4. At the top of the page where it says login / new bidder if you haven’t registered before click on new bidder .(On cell phone click on 3 bars top right)

5. Type user name and password then click new bidder. 

6.Type your email in two spots be sure to type both the same.

7.Then click check email;  (if you did everything right you will get a form to to fill in, this will register you with HiBid).

8.  Next to register with us type you user name and password; check the square if you agree to our terms. 

9.  You are now ready to bid if you get an e-mail saying you are registered.