Other Consignors Equipment in the April 19th to 25th Auction




***K-Line 2995P 31ft Powerflex Speedtiller S/N AGCWo842THX463923.

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Wishek Disc



***Wishek 842NT 22ft disk. S/N 2995p171802


Wheatheart SA 1371 auger

Wheatheart auger

Wheatheart SA 1371 auger



***Wheatheart SA 1371 Grain Auger


Case IH 2188

Case IH Combine

Case IH 2188



***Case IH 2188  More info to follow


2008 Ford F550 Picker Truck

Picker Trucker

2008 Ford F550 Picker Truck



***2008 Ford F550 Picker Trucker c/w 6.4L Diesel

2007 Load-Max 30ft trailer

30 ft 5th Wheel trailer

2007 Load Max 5th wheel trailer



***2007 Load-Max Goose neck trailer Triple Axle

1978 Ford F250 4×4

1978 Ford F250

1978 Ford F250 4x4



***1978 Ford F250 4x4, c/w 400 engine, 4spd std